User Agreement

1. Introduction

These terms govern your use of our website or services (collectively, “Services”).

By selecting “I have read and accept Innovation Roundtable Online Network Terms and Conditions”, registering, accessing or using our Services (described below), you are agreeing to enter into a legally binding contract with Innovation Roundtable ApS. If you do not agree to this contract (“Contract” or “User Agreement”), do not click “Submit for Review”, “Join Now” (or similar) and do not access or otherwise use any of our Services.

Your use of our Services is also subject to our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

1.1 Changes

We may modify this Contract, our Privacy Policy and our Cookies Policies from time to time. If we make material changes to it, we will provide you notice through our Services, or by other means, to provide you the opportunity to review the changes before they become effective. If you object to any changes, you may close your account. Your continued use of our Services after we publish or send a notice about our changes to these terms means that you are consenting to the updated terms.

2. Obligations

2.1 Service Eligibility

Access to Innovation Roundtable Online Network ( is primarily for innovation practitioners in large multinational firms. In addition, users of the Innovation Roundtable Online Network must be over 18 years old to access the Services. All applications for use of the Innovation Roundtable Online Network (a “Subscription”) are processed by Innovation Roundtable ApS, which reserves the right to reject applications. Criteria for Service Eligibility and rejections of applications for Subscriptions (and possible exceptions) are at the sole discretion of Innovation Roundtable ApS.

Innovation Roundtable ApS also reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate Subscriptions and access to the Innovation Roundtable Online Network in cases, including but not limited to:

  • Eligibility Criteria no longer being fulfilled;
  • Conduct or actions that violate the User Conduct norms (see section 3) or other norms contained in this User Agreement.

2.2 Registration and account

Below are some commitments you make to us relating to registering and maintaining the security of your account:

  1. You will provide personal information. Providing accurate personal information including your name, details of employment, expertise, interests, etc. will help create a better experience when using our online network.
  2. You will register with a corporate email account only. We do not accept Gmail, Hotmail, or other non-corporate email addresses, as the Innovation Roundtable Online Network is primarily for innovation professionals and practitioners currently employed by large firms.
  3. You will not share the credentials of your account, let anyone else access your account, or do anything else that might jeopardize the security of your account. You will not share the credentials of your account with, among others, the purpose of letting others use the resources stored in our online network. Your account is personal and associated to a license / personal user profile, and therefore you are the only one entitled to access our online network content.
  4. You will choose a strong and secure password, keep it secure and confidential. You are responsible for anything that happens through your account unless you close it or report misuse. Innovation Roundtable ApS is not responsible for the misuse of your account.
  5. In order to simplify the creation and activation process of a user account, we may use the data that participants at Innovation Roundtable® events might have submitted previously as their input for the event attendee list / mobile app. Should this case apply to you, by accepting these Terms and Conditions (User Agreement), you agree that we can use the data you have submitted previously for that purpose to pre-fill your user profile. You will be able to edit those details during the user activation process and at any later stage in the Profile section.

2.3 Access levels and subscriptions

Users are granted different access levels to the resources and features of the Innovation Roundtable Online Network, including free-of-charge (“Free Account”) and paid-for (“Paid Subscriptions" / “Licenses”). Innovation Roundtable ApS reserves the right to create tiers of Free- and Paid Subscriptions with different levels of access to the content on the Innovation Roundtable Online Network.

Upon expiration or termination of a Paid Subscription / License (by the user or Innovation Roundtable ApS), the user will be moved to a Free Account, thus potentially limiting access to content and features.

Whilst your account is strictly personal, a Subscription / License belongs to the entity that has purchased and paid for it and, if different from yourself, provided it to you for usage. Innovation Roundtable ApS will therefore comply with requests by the organization that has purchased and paid for a subscription to terminate the usage of such license on a specific user account and/or the transfer to another account.

In case of a request from a company to transfer an existing license to another individual, the eligibility of that person for a Subscription will be determined as per section “Service Eligibility”. Innovation Roundtable® reserves the right to reject the transfer of a Subscription to another account.

2.4. Payments

Innovation Roundtable ApS expects all payment obligations and conditions for Paid Subscriptions to be fulfilled promptly. Fees and relevant taxes may be added to our prices.

Failure to pay promptly will result in the termination of your Paid Subscription and consequent move to a Free Account. Also, you agree that:

  • The price of Paid Subscriptions will be displayed and charged in Euro (€)
  • Your purchase may be subject to foreign exchange fees or differences in prices based on location (e.g. exchange rates) from credit institutions.
  • We will calculate taxes payable by you based on the billing information that you provide us at the time of purchase.
  • Your credit card information will be handled and, in case of recurring payment, stored by a PCI-compliant payment gateway (Stripe, Inc.). Innovation Roundtable ApS will only store user and billing information for administrative and operational purposes.
  • You agree to keep your contact (such as email) and payment information up to date. Impossibility to contact you and/or processing the payment can result in the suspension or termination of your Paid Subscription.
  • If you purchase a Paid Subscription, your selected payment method will be automatically charged at the start of each subscription period with the fees and taxes applicable to that period. Users have the option to deactivate automatic renewal and payment of their subscription in the “Membership – Subscription & Billing” tab of Account Settings.
  • The purchase of a Paid Subscription cannot be refunded at any time.
  • Should your license or account be suspended or terminated by Innovation Roundtable ApS, you are entitled to request a reimbursement of an amount pro-rata  to the remaining validity period of your paid license or the duration of the suspension period.

You can get a copy of your sales invoice through your account settings under Membership.

2.5. Notices and Service Messages

You agree that we will provide notices to you in the following ways: (1) a notice within the Service / Online Network / Platform or (2) a message sent to the email address you provided us. You agree to keep your contact information up to date.

2.6 Sharing Your Content and Information

Information and content that you share or post may be seen by other users. Innovation Roundtable ApS reserves the right to remove inappropriate content at our sole discretion and/or make corrections to the information provided (e.g. correcting typos in profile details).

In addition:

  1. For content that is covered by intellectual property rights, like photos and videos (IP content), you specifically give us the following permission: you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Innovation Roundtable ApS (IP License). This IP License ends when you delete your IP content or your account unless your content has been shared with others.
  2. You understand that removed content may persist in backup copies for a reasonable period (but will not be available to others).
  3. When you publish content on our Share section, or you comment on one of our resources (e.g. an interview, a reading, a presentation etc.), you agree that you are allowing everyone who has access to the Innovation Roundtable Online Network to access and use that information, and to associate it with you (i.e. your name and profile picture).
  4. We always appreciate your feedback or suggestions about our online network, but you understand that we may use your feedback or suggestions without any obligation to compensate you for them (just as you have no obligation to offer them).
  5. You agree that you are responsible for the content you are sharing.

3. User conduct

3.1 Responsible Use. The Innovation Roundtable Online Network is a community and consist of users who expect courtesy and professionalism. You must use the Services responsibly.

3.2 Misuse. You must not misuse the Services, Software, or content that we provide to you as part of the Services. For example, you must not:

  1. copy, modify, host, stream, sublicense, or resell the Services, Software, or content;
  2. enable or allow others to use the Service, Software, or content using your account information;
  3. use the content or Software included in the Services to construct any kind of database;
  4. Share the content available on our online network (e.g. slides, minutes, reports, etc.) outside your company;
  5. access or attempt to access the Services by any means other than the interface we provided or authorized;
  6. circumvent any access or usage restrictions put into place to prevent misuses of the Services;
  7. share content or engage in behavior that violates anyone’s Intellectual Property Right (“Intellectual Property Rights” means copyright, moral rights, trademark, trade dress, patent, trade secret, unfair competition, right of privacy, right of publicity, and any other proprietary rights.);
  8. upload or share any content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, tortious, defamatory, libelous, vulgar, lewd, profane, invasive of another’s privacy, or hateful;
  9. impersonate any person or entity, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity;
  10. attempt to disable, impair, or destroy the Services, software, or hardware;
  11. disrupt, interfere with, or inhibit any other user from using the Services (such as stalking, intimidating, or harassing others, or inciting others to commit violence or harm minors in any way);
  12. engage in chain letters, junk mails, pyramid schemes, spamming, or other unsolicited messages;
  13. use any data mining or similar data gathering and extraction methods in connection with the Services;
  14. violate applicable laws.

4. Disclaimer and Limit of Liability

4.1 No Warranty

This is our disclaimer of legal liability for the quality, safety, or reliability of our Services.



5. Termination

Both you and Innovation Roundtable ApS may terminate this Contract at any time with notice to the other. On termination, you lose the right to access or use the Services. The following shall survive termination:

  • Our rights to use and disclose your feedback;
  • Our rights to keep and give access to your posts and comments, where your name, company and other references to your user profile will be removed
  • Members and/or Visitors’ rights to further re-share content and information you shared through the Service to the extent copied or re-shared prior to termination;
  • Sections 4 and 7 of this Contract;
  • Any amounts owed by either party prior to termination remain owed after termination.

6. Complains regarding content

We respect the intellectual property rights of others. We require that information posted by users be accurate and not in violation of the intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties. Should you believe there is a Copyright infringement, and / or you want to request the removal of content from our platform, please contact us.

7. Dispute resolution

You agree that the laws of Denmark shall exclusively govern any dispute relating to this Contract and/or the Services. Both you and Innovation Roundtable ApS agree that all of these claims can only be litigated in Copenhagen, Denmark, and we each agree to personal jurisdiction of the courts located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

8. How to contact us

You can contact us through this contact form.